Sunday, June 30, 2013

See how all the pieces fit.

This summer has been one of the best I've ever had. Like, seriously. There have been happy times, sad times, times where I've learned and grown. Let me tell you about some of them...

  • I went to the beautiful, beautiful country of Haiti to spread the love of Christ. But you know what I find every year I go? The people of Haiti end up helping me more than I help them. Their smiling faces and thankful hearts give me hope.
  • I've gotten to enjoy the last precious months with some friends before we're all swept away to college.
  • There has been a lot of shopping for various things that I'm very excited about. I've got a trip to South Carolina in two weeks, I went to D.C. twice, there was shopping for the Haiti trip, I got A LOT of gift cards at my graduation party, and, of course, college!! Dun dun dun!! I am so looking forward to decorating my dorm. It's the little things.
  • Although going to Haiti is such a beautiful thing, there are also some sad times included. It breaks my heart to see children walking around without shoes or clothes, animals ridden with disease, and people living in tents. But through this sadness, I can find comfort in knowing that God sees these people, and he knows them. I used to think, "Wow, this is sad, someone should do something about this," and that's when I realized that I am someone.
  • My dear friend Amanda's dad passed away while I was in Haiti. And he wasn't just my friend's dad, he was like another dad to me, as well. In this situation, we all rejoiced over the God-fearing life he led, and we know we'll see him again.
Through everything that's taken a part in shaping my life this summer, I think what God's been trying to teach me is that nothing that's happened in my life has taken Him by surprise. He's known every single one of these things was going to occur, He just let me choose what to do with each experience. I'm thankful that the God of the universe knows my name and chooses to love me in spite of me! And with that, I'll still admit that I am afraid of the future. I'm afraid of college, marriage, owning a house, having children... the list goes on. So, that being said, what I'm working on in the months ahead is not relying on my own plans. I find when I try too hard to make things come together, they fall apart at my feet. But God helps me put them back together when I follow His plan for my life. "One day I'll stand before you, and look back on the life I've led. I can't wait to enjoy the view and see how all the pieces fit" -Casting Crowns

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Morgan Elizabeth, so, this is M.E.

My name is Morgan, and here's a piece of my life! I'm a freshman at Belmont University, I love Jesus, I love my family, I love history, and I love my cat. Those are just the bare necessities, (go ahead, I know you want to sing it) but I will definitely answer any questions about myself, my family, or anything you'd like to ask about.

So why did I start a blog? I actually asked myself this question right after I made it. I could just write all this stuff in a journal and keep it private. I came up with several different answers to this question: 1) To connect with others 2) For people to learn more about me 3) To offer some hope, no matter how small a sliver it might be. The last reason is my favorite. I, like most bloggers, plan on sharing my story and day-to-day happenings in my life. But what I'm hoping is that the stories and events I share can help people in some way. Maybe they'll be comforted that they're not in a struggle alone. Maybe they'll be encouraged by some situations I've made it through. Maybe they'll be inspired to do something and make a difference. Whatever the "maybe" is, I pray that God will help me reach someone, even if it's only one person. I'm excited to start this next journey in my life known as COLLEGE, and I'm excited to be able to share bits and pieces of it here!

I know that this post was nothing thrilling, but it was just my way of getting started and introducing myself. I look forward to the entries ahead! If you have any feedback for me, on this post or any future ones, (questions, advice, etc.) please don't hesitate to leave a comment! They are greatly appreciated.