Monday, July 8, 2013

He smiles.

I'm at a very happy time in my life, and I just gotta blog about it! :)  God has been so good to me. I've been more active in my pursuit of Him lately, and I can feel the effects on my life daily. I can't really say with my words how great it makes me feel to be almost constantly thinking about how beautiful and awesome God is. It's a good place to be.

SO. The happiness. Have you ever felt blessed just to know someone? They're so grounded, driven, and Godly that they make you want to be a better person? And then you don't know how or why, but they decided to get to know and actively pursue your heart? I'm feelin' those feelings right now, and I'm feelin' em hard. God is smiling at me big time.

Tonight we're watching a movie, tomorrow going for ice cream, and Saturday... ROCK CLIMBING. I am excited and nervous about that one. I just love this "giddy before a date ahhhhhh!!" feeling. It has been a while since I've genuinely felt it. But in the end, my thoughts all go back to God and how thankful I am that He has shown me favor.

 I like to imagine that God smiles at his people before he blesses them in unexpected ways.....  He is looking down on this girl living in Murfreesboro, and He sees her struggling, trying to make her way through life and make the pieces of her own story fit together. It frustrates Him when she tries to do things on her own, trying to write her story by herself, but He could never love her any less. In fact, He cherishes her so deeply that He showed her someone she could not have expected she'd be with, but that she cares for all the same. At the same time, God showed her how to love Him again and rediscover the piece of her she had missed the most; Him. How deep the Father's love for her!

I like to imagine that He smiles.

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