Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Author chose to love me.

So, so thankful that Grahm Smith asked me to be his girlfriend! I am blessed! Stick with me as I shuffle through all this mush... ;) 

  • Grahm is very solid in his faith. The way that he talks about the Lord with such awe in his voice makes my heart happy.
  • I know without a doubt that Grahm is genuinely concerned with protecting my body and my heart. It is a great feeling to be with someone that makes you feel safe!
  • Grahm is a very powerful speaker, whether he's in front of big groups or just one on one. You can always take something away from a conversation with him!
  • Okay, I have to put this one.... he is VERY handsome :)
  • I have seen firsthand the way that Grahm loves little kids. Watching him have a blast with the children at the orphanages in Haiti has been a huge blessing these past three years!

I am so thrilled for this new journey in my life. I love thinking about how this wasn't a surprise to God. He planned it, and that is beautiful! I can't wait to see the ways He blesses me through Grahm. I also love the ways that our friends and family have responded! They are excited for us, and we've also had people tell us they will be praying for our relationship! How awesome.

I'd also like to revisit how completely humbling it is to think that God planned this out for us. A verse that I found last night was "You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed" -Psalm 139:16.  I can't imagine the love He has for me, but this verse helped me think of it a little more deeply. I am a visual person, so I immediately picture something in my head when I read it or it is described to me. For this verse, I imagined the Lord holding a blank book, beautiful in its binding and put together with the utmost care. It has my name on the front! He smiled while He was writing in its pages, knowing the person I would become and the people I would meet. He's smiling at me now as I'm getting to the page where He wrote Grahm's name. The Author of all stories wrote mine with care and chooses to love me. He is so good.

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